Dana Jones and His Thot Sculptures

Dana Jones is a sponsored artist and spokesperson for the Cool Kool Shirts shirt brand. Dana creates sculptures he calls "Thots" by melting vinyl records and forming them into abstract shapes. Through his thot sculptures Dana is conceptually trying to create a pure autonomous concept without any outside influence. He is obsess with the idea of being self-made. He wants to have full control over his artistic integrity. Dana uses vinyl records to create "thots" in order to record his unfiltered concousiness into physical forms. Also vinyl records symbolizes the commercial music industry. A industry that transforms the emotions and narratives of artists into commercial products. By melting down the vinyl and reshaping it, Dana is reshaping this commercial system and making it bend for benefits. The word "thot" is an acronym used within hip-hop culture standing for That Hoe Over There. It's a term created by men when discussing the sexual exploitation of women (mainly women of color). I chose to appropriate this term to have Dana further discuss exportation of art and the artist with a commerial system.